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Heat load calculations

Ongoing heat and air problems? Want a second opinion before installing or replacing your HVAC system? Building a new home? We are one of the only companies in Tulsa that provides a heat load calculation service, an essential first step before purchasing and installing a new HVAC system.   

A heat load calculation is an industry standard engineering process for measuring several aspects of a building or home in order to determine the best size, design, application and style of HVAC system and the appropriate ductwork, type, size and locations. The purpose is to ensure energy efficiency while also maximizing comfort inside any home. In other words, it’s essential to install the right system for your space to ensure you don’t lose money and wind up with a dysfunctional system later down the road.

Our heat load load calculations evaluate several specific areas to figure the right size system for the space.



Verify the total square footage of the property


Count how many windows, doors and entryways there are for a property


Check the insulation; not only the location but also the type of materials, how it’s installed and even the density of the insulation used


Consider how many floors a home has and how much living space vs. attic space is available


Evaluate the outdoor landscaping that can block sun from entering the house 


Check window shades, blinds or other household window treatments that are used in order to keep sun out


Examine the condition and size of the ductwork and vent systems

Mini-Split Systems

Mini-split systems are great for Tulsa homes heated by other types of ductless systems such as hot water, electric heat or radiant panels.

They’re a good alternative to heat and cool homes without capacity for ductwork, i.e. additions, garages and more.

Mini-splits are also energy-efficient because there is no energy lost in ductwork.

Packaged Systems 

Packaged systems typically heat and cool your home the same way their stand-alone counterparts do, the difference is that all the equipment is outside.

Packaged systems come in several configurations: gas/electric, electric/electric, heat pump and dual-fuel.

Typically found in commercial applications but there is nearly any configuration available to fit the most unique situation.

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